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Where to Get Strong Essay Examples for the GED Exam

Students spend months studying for their GED, but there is one portion of the exam that is nearly impossible to study for: the writing test. In the second part of the writing test, the student must write out a short essay in just 45 minutes. During this short space of time, they must brainstorm, outline, write and edit the entire essay.

How It Is Scored

This portion of the exam will be scored on a series of items. The main focus will be the quality of the writing. Students must create a document that uses proper spelling and grammar. They should have a decent vocabulary and a thorough understanding of the topic. In addition, each essay must be clearly and logically organized. If the paper is off-topic, illegible or blank, it will not be scored.

Tips for Passing the GED Essay Exam

To succeed, students must spend several minutes planning out their essay on scratch paper. During this time, students should make an outline and plan out their thesis. Once the student is ready, they must write out the paper and finish it with a strong conclusion. If there is any time left, the student should go back through the paper and edit it thoroughly. They should also make sure that each paragraph directly relates to the thesis. If there are any issues with the document, the student needs to spend any remaining time on fixing their writing.

Preparing for the Exam

Students should spend time studying for the writing exam. The best way to do this is to practice writing. Writing prompts can be found online for the student to write about. Once the student has a writing prompt, they should set a timer for 45 minutes and start writing. This will allow the student to learn how to write on a deadline and give them extra practice at creating an essay.

Find an Example

If the student has never written this type of paper before, they may be unfamiliar with the writing style and other requirements. To familiarize themselves with the process, students should read through several example GED essays. They should look for the techniques that are used to develop and structure an argument. Students can find these examples in a GED practice book, online or in a GED preparatory class. If the student is not taking a preparatory class, there are several websites that offer clear advice on completing the exam.

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