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How To Write A Definition Essay Outline So That The Reader Will Be Shocked

In order to capture the interest and attention of the reader, specific attention must be given to the definition essay outline so that it sustains the curiosity of the reader to read the essay completely, without getting bored. So most often, the introduction must provide a preliminary punch to enjoy the attention of the reader. Definition essay outline must be interesting and to an extent shocking or surprising to the reader and raise enough eye balls.

Following criteria must be achieved by the definition essay outline

  • Grab readers attention
  • State the thesis clearly
  • Provide relevant background information
  • Set the appropriate tone for the rest of the essay

It can be presented with a touch of humor or can suggest something which raises many eye brows.

So, the strategy for writing a definition essay outline is:

  • Begin with a shocking statement
  • It may be a legitimate question, which raises the concern of the reader or shows some insight into the future, which may be scary. It may discuss a particular problem or issue that is presented in the general interest.

    Quote a statement by an authority to set the tone of the essay.

  • Describe a scenario based on imagination
  • Construct an imaginary scenario, which can reflect as a possible repercussion of the problem discussed in the essay and make it believable by means of arguments and facts.

  • Cite an anecdote that may be personal or otherwise
  • Try to make it as a vivid description of the scene which contains interesting information about the problem or situation you describe in the essay.

  • Make use of phrases or familiar quotations
  • Find an appropriate phrase and quotation for the definition essay outline that suits the subject matter discussed in your essay.

  • Make a explicit statement of reality check
  • Present the problem in a realistic and concerned manner that will make the reader apprehensive of the problem and its future consequences.

  • Discuss an opinion or advice in a satirical manner
  • If you have a strong opinion against a certain subject or topic, use satire as an instrument to express your disinterest or disagreement. Example baseball is a game which can put the dead to sleep.

    Express your ideas creatively to connect with the readers instantly with an interesting definition essay outline.

  • Use humor to capture attention

This may prove useful in creating a fun mood for the reader, and may prompt the reader to read the complete essay.

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