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Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Quitting Smoking: In Search Of Fresh Ideas

A cause and effect is a type of paper in which you write keeping the relativity of two different things in mind. Consider it more likely an action and reaction if you are fond of laws of physics or the way your body reacts voluntarily or involuntarily to the change in stimulus. This is an ongoing process of things, which will cause other things to reduce, diminish, intensify, or enhance. The other approach of writing this sort of essay is to find a cause and discuss the effects it has and the consequences of this certain process. You can choose whatever approach you find the best for this sort of essay and the stance you will take.

If you have a personal experience with smoking or quitting it then you would have much to relate to and include in your paper. If you came out successful by leaving this bad habit then you will have plenty of advice for others facing this addiction. Even if you do not have a personal experience with smoking, you certainly realize its effects and causes. If you are trying to persuade your reader to quit smoking then you will have to write all the harmful effects this has on their health, budget, social, and personal life. You can choose to write a strong thesis statement summing up the entire scope of the paper that one should quit smoking because it causes this, this and this. After you have your main title in the thesis of your paper, you can break it down to parallel parts and choose each part to write one body paragraph in your assignment. Each body paragraph can talk about one harmful effect of smoking and present related evidence and supporting arguments. Remember that all the body paragraphs in your assignment should be unique in content and must allow smooth transition from one to the other.

If you want to write about the consequences of quitting smoking for a chain smoker, active smoker, social smoker or an occasional smoker then you can start your paper with the thesis statement that quitting smoking will have this, this and this effect on the individual. You can then take it from there using the same procedure explained above.

Remember that you need to conclude all your major arguments in the last paragraph of your essay.

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