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Viral Marketing

In our modern age of technology and constant connection to the internet, viral marketing is one of the strong strategies which can lobby for your product, service or organization. Viral marketing is taken from the idea of a virus—an existing entity is spread around so all experience. Viral marketing uses existing outlets to spread the knowledge of a brand or product organically. Some popular outlets for viral marketing include social media, email and word of mouth.

By using social media for viral marketing, you are able to access millions of people and stimulate natural marketing for whoever or whatever you plan to market. For instance, if a company wants to promote a new product, they may create a creative post which people would be motivated to share on social media. A perfect example of this is Coca-Cola’s new #ShareYourCoke Campaign. The #ShareYourCoke Campaign encourages Coca-Cola consumers to share updates on social media with the hashtag “ShareYourCoke”, certain consumers are selected and Coke bottles are printed with those particular consumers names. This stimulates the sharing of Coca-Cola through social media, and also encourages the increase in product purchase, as consumers search for the bottle with their name.

Another form of viral marketing is by email. Using email lists built by companies or subscriber, an entity is able to send out email blasts to consumers. These email blasts can share updates, promotions, savings and new opportunities. The email can in turn be forwarded to other consumers, spreading the content or message quickly and increasing general awareness.

Similarly to email as a form of viral marketing, word of mouth viral marketing works in a similar way. Rather than forwarding an email, word of mouth viral marketing relies on the idea that a buzz will be created around a brand or entity, and in turn, people will increase awareness by stimulating conversation about the topic. A good example of this is a company that releases a commercial for the sake of shock value. The company is relying on the fact that people will ask, “Did you see _____?”, and then that person will ask another, then that person another—continuing virally.

Viral marketing can be a great cost effective way to get brand awareness and buzz going around a given product, effort or organization. The options for viral marketing are limitless, and this can allow for creative ways to get people talking. In marketing, you want to put your client on the map, and with the use of viral marketing strategies like social media, email and word of mouth you will certainly get consumers talking.

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