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How to Use a High School Sample Essay to Your Advantage

High school students have to write many essays, as they need to gain strong writing and persuasion skills to become successful professionals. It is a hard task at first, but there is a time-tested way to prepare a good paper. Notably, you have to find a sample essay and use it to your advantage. The guidelines below explain how you should use it in order to receive the best results.

  1. Do not plagiarize the text: Once you have found a perfect sample, it is hard to resist the temptation to rewrite the ideas and use the same arguments. Remember that templates are provided for those who want to learn how to write this type of an assignment. You cannot copy the parts of a paper written by someone else. Essays always contain personal components, so you should provide your own point of view. Besides, if your supervisor finds out that you stole your essay, you are likely to be expelled from the course.
  2. Study the clichés and avoid them: There are many great samples with similar structures and almost the same wordings. Do not copy the way other authors express their thoughts, but rather try to develop your own style. The supervisors are very good at catching clichés. Since they check your ability to express yourself, the professors will be disappointed and conclude that you have poor writing skills.
  3. Analyze the text and consider its strengths and weaknesses: Practice makes perfect, so the more you read and write, the better your style becomes. It is a great training activity to read essay samples critically, notice the mistakes, and correct them. Therefore, you profit from somebody else's mistakes. It is also helpful to determine the strengths of templates and try to use good techniques while you are writing your own paper.
  4. Look at the sources that are used by others: When you have chosen an essay topic, you can search for the sample essays describing a similar subject and study the sources. This simple method helps students easily compose lists of references and save lots of time. Once you have prepared your list of sources, you can visit a library and choose the books and articles that are the most useful for your own paper.
  5. Pay attention to the formatting: You have to format an essay properly. Do not hesitate to look for essay samples that are formatted using the style you need to employ. However, it is a good idea to have a style manual and check the details if you have any doubts.

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