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Cause and effect essays topics: Where to seek inspiration

Every day a student has to come up with a new and fresh idea for their assignments, so much so that the pressure can become overwhelming.  Students seem to always have to find a new topics.  There are always so many people writing about the same mundane issues for their cause and effect pieces that each student feels pressured to come up with something new.  

Sometimes student will have to get extremely creative and come with ideas from inspiration that they might not normally turn to.  They have to find a new spin on old subjects, new outlooks on old topics.  But when it comes with seeking information, here are some places that a student can look to find a new cause and effect essay topic.

Sources of Inspiration:

  • Student’s Life:  When it comes to thing to write about, a student is living a life that is filled of problems and topics.  While it is difficult to write an academic piece using one’s own life.  But the student can take an issue that is in their life and use it as the basis of the cause and effect essay.  For example if the student is being forced to wait to get their driver’s license they can do a piece of why a teenager should be able to drive sooner, and how that would affect things.
  • Local Charity:  The student can talk to someone at a local charity to find out what issues they face, then turn it into a cause and effect piece.  If the charity is a food store and budget cuts are happening the student can write a cause and effect piece on the charities plight and how they can fix it, the issues that arise.
  • The Newspaper:  When a student is up to date with the current affairs in the world they can find an idea of how to write the paper.  They can see a problem in the world and then use the cause and effect paper to write about it, discuss it and trace the problems origins. The newspaper can also give ideas from any section including the comics.  Any sort of information that comics tend to be about, will help the student think about a topic for the essay.  

Having new sources of information can really help the student prepare a new and different cause and effect piece.  These source of inspiration can come from anywhere, but these suggestion are a place to start for the student to come up with a new type of paper topic.  

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