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How to use an essay example to your advantage

The use of essay examples can help you out tremendously when you are writing your paper. An essay sample, especially one given to you by your teacher, can show you exactly how the finished paper should look, what components need to be included, how the different sources are cited, and overall what writing style and tone your teacher considers to be worthy of which grade. Having this information in hand—in this case literally—while you work can give you a leg up.

Writing Your Paper

In addition to good organization, the other important hallmark for a great paper is having clear writing. Remember that if your paper does not communicate your point well, then it does not matter how well done it might be, the paper will have very little impact. When you write, you have to utilize a different set of tools to emphasize your point. When speaking, you can use hand gestures or facial expressions to really convey how important or unimpressive something might be, but when writing, you have to resort to literary tools such as punctuation and word choice. Good writing is a complete combination of style, technical matters, and solid effort.

  • When writing an essay, the adage of Thomas Edison reigns true that genius takes ninety nine percent perspiration, or hard work. Writing and editing a draft takes a great deal of time and effort. It cannot be done right before the paper is due. If you try and set out on your work the night before it is due, by the time your reader gets halfway through the paper your reader will be just as bleary eyes as you were when you finished writing.
  • In order to write a great paper you need to go through at least two drafts. No professional would ever send their first draft manuscript to the publisher without revising and editing. Remember that this should be applied to any essay you write too. You should not print and submit your first draft. Instead, craft a preliminary draft and then put it aside for a day or two. After that, return to it and read it over. You will be shocked at how much you can improve it with just a day apart. Look it over with fresh eyes, for the second, third, and fourth drafts, and you will be impressed with the great content you can produce.

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