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Japanese American Internment

The Japanese American Internment was one of the most unfortunate incidents of WWII. The then president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt appended his signature that warranted the execution of an order that led to the public incarceration of more than a hundred and ten thousand Americans of a Japanese decent in the period of WWII. Most of the citizens were Americans.

Events that happened

It began with a forced relocation before an incarceration was carried out during the time of the WWII that saw the confinement of many individuals of Japanese origin and ancestry. They mainly lived on the Pacific coast, specifically in camps in the country’s interior. This was purely an order by the then, government of the United States to remove all Japanese Americans following the imperial attack by Japan on the Pearl Harbor. These events took place in 1942.

The application of this kind of incarceration was applied unequally following a differing population density and most significantly, regional and state politics that saw the forcing of Japanese Americans living at the West Coast to move into the interior camps. The forced transfer and incarceration of the Japanese Americans has been stated to have been founded upon discrimination and racism coming from the whites who also occupied the West Coast more than what was believed to be a military danger by the victims of the this unfortunate incident.

How it was conducted

Following the president’s order, the commanders of the regional military designated the “military areas” from which all the people could be excluded from. It was the start of deportation and the incarceration that took place. This military power was used to put a declaration that every individual of a Japanese background be excluded from the entire region of the Pacific coast. This also included all of the Californian and a bigger part of Washington Arizona and Oregon, save for the people who were in camps that were controlled by the government.

The Census Bureau by the United States helped a lot in the efforts of internment through the provision of confidential information of the neighborhood concerning the Japanese Americans. The bureau repudiated its mandate for many years. However, this was in the end proven back in 2007. The Supreme Court in 1944 supported the constitutionality of the exclusion through a ruling against the appeal by Fred Korematsu for going against the exclusion order. The decision by the court was limited to the validity of the orders of exclusion, avoiding the incarceration issue of American citizens without a well laid-out procedure.

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