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5 Paragraph Essay Topics - How To Start

The five paragraph essay topic is probably the most common form of academic writing, certainly in high school and it is commonly used as well in college. The structure of the five paragraph essay is straightforward and consists of the following structure.

  • introduction
  • first fact paragraph
  • second fact paragraph
  • third fact paragraph
  • conclusion

This structure or format has been in use for donkeys’ years. It is one you should be very familiar with and if not so is easy to learn. As always there are two vital steps you need to take to become successful in writing a five paragraph essay.

  • choose the topic well, if not very well and
  • stick to the topic

So many students make life difficult for themselves by choosing badly when it comes to their essay topic. The old rules which have been tried and tested for generations still are relevant today. Choose a topic about which you have a passion or interest or have some prior knowledge or background in. Choose a topic which is approved by your teacher or professor. Choose a topic which has an abundance of resource material from which you can take notes.

Then, knowing the structure of your five paragraph essay, and having chosen a suitable even superb topic, you need to stick to it. So many students make the fundamental error of wavering from the topic. They take a side exit and leave the main highway. They waste time writing about the irrelevant matters. Stick to the topic.

And of course the basics will also always apply. How you start your five paragraph essay topic sets the tone for what is to follow. Make sure you write an outstanding introduction. Capture the reader's attention and entice them to want to read the rest of your five paragraph essay.

The strength of your essay depends on finding enough relevant information and then writing in a fluid and connected style. If you only have a smattering of data to include in your essay it will be thin and weak. You need plenty of powerful points.

Then, having collected the valuable data, you need to describe it with a flowing style of writing. Make sure each sentence leads into the next. Make sure every paragraph leads into the next.

You start your essay really well before you begin to write when you choose the right topic - for you!

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