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How To Write A Narrative Essay: A Step-By-Step Guide

A popular style of academic paper that students will often be required to write is that of the narrative essay. Essentially, this style of academic paper will require students to write about something in such a way that they tell a story. In order to understand what you should do when writing a narrative essay, the following provides a step-by-step guide.

Picking a title

The first thing that you need to do is identify a general topic that you wish to write about. Once you have an idea of the general theme that you want to use for your paper, you will then need to narrow down a title. In order to help with this, it can be good idea to use various brainstorming techniques.

Another thing to consider is what you’re aims are for the paper. For example, some narrative papers will require you to simply tell a fictional or semi-fictional story; whilst others will require you to provide more informative information, which is written in a more story-like way.

Creating a plan

Once you have an idea of what title you wish to use for your paper, it is a good idea to create some kind of plan. Even if you are only writing a short essay, it can still be a good idea to create some kind of framework or skeleton that you can use whilst writing the content. For example, you can include any different details or points that you wish to raise, as well as which order you would like them to appear.

Writing the work

You will generally need to use quite a lot of imagination when writing this kind of academic paper. If this is your first time of writing a narrative essay, then it can be a good idea to simply write down whatever you can think of at the time, without necessarily worrying too much about the details. No matter how you approach the first draft, you will be able to perfect what you have written in subsequent drafts. Of course, if you have created a plan beforehand, then it will make it far easier to tell your story. Furthermore, if you do think of any new details not included in your plan, then it is perfectly acceptable to include them as well.

Once you have written a final draft, and you are pleased with what you have produced, it will be time to proofread and edit the work, so as to ensure that the quality doesn’t suffer as a result of any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

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