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How to write a great essay: a step-by-step manual for lazybones

A great essay can be written by anyone, even if you are not normally a great writer, all it takes is a little effort and a great topic. If you have a choice in what you are writing about, the best thing to do would be to pick something to write about that you are passionate about or something you would like to know more on. This helps to keep your interest and will actually help the reader maintain interest as well. If you are not able to choose your topic try and find a creative spin on it. Thinking about a topic in a new light will help you to get your brain working in a new way and in the right direction. If your topic is very specific or you are not a creative person, fear not, you can still write a fantastic essay by following these steps. They are simplified down to the bare bones to make it easier to get through. This process takes about a week. If you are on a time crunch you can skip the third draft, and condense steps 6-8 into 1 day. Remember, if your professor gave you a week to do the paper, he or she expects that you spend the whole week working on it. Make sure that you do that.

Step 1. Brainstorm your topic. Make a list, draw something, put ideas to paper, do whatever you need to do to get your topic.

Step 2. Read up on it. Do whatever research you need on your topic, if it’s online, print it and highlight the important information.

Step 3. Organize your thoughts in an outline. Put together a list of ideas in an order that makes sense and come up with your thesis statement.

Step 4. Fill in your outline to make your first draft. Stay on topic and work through it. This one doesn’t have to be perfect, just write everything you know about it and keep in line with your outline.

Step 5. Edit your paper. Cut out the information that you don’t need, doesn’t make sense, is “fluff,” and rework what is left into your Second Draft. Have someone else edit it too. In red pen if possible.

Step 6. Edit your second Draft. This one should be pretty good. Check for spelling, grammar and check your flow. If it needs to be reworked again do so. This new copy is your Third Draft. Have someone else edit it for you as well.

Step 7. Your Third Draft should be just about perfect. Double check to make sure it is.

Step 8. Have 2 or three other people read your final draft. Make sure it is perfect.

Step 9. Make any final corrections.

Step 10. Turn it in.

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