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Problem Solution Essay Topics: 25 Issues You Can Investigate

Problem solution essays are amazing in the sense that they normally require you to showcase your in-depth ability to see a problem and find a solution for it. These are highly analytical papers and for this reason, you need to make sure that you have what it takes to see to it that they come off just the way you want them to. The following are some essay topics that you can advance for your problem essay paper. Hopefully, you will be able to impress your teacher:

  1. Discuss how substance abuse can be solved through placebo effect
  2. Explain the use of motion video games to assist those who are dealing with motion sickness
  3. Discuss healthy lifestyles as a means to solving depression
  4. Explain how we can use smartphones to eliminate anxiety
  5. Discuss obesity and how a ban on genetically modified foods can help
  6. Explain how showcasing the unedited photos of models can help in dealing with bulimia
  7. Lung cancer is a significant problem today. Discuss tobacco ban as an effective alternative
  8. To encourage maturity, parents need to stop paying college fees for their kids. Discuss
  9. Discuss how censoring movie scripts can reduce violence
  10. Investigate the role of group projects in dealing with bullying in school
  11. Discuss freelancer jobs as a means of eradicating poverty among the youth
  12. Discuss any possible alternatives to help young families prevent divorce
  13. Explain how honesty about adoption can help adopted kids deal with stress
  14. Investigate the role of peer communication in assisting kids become socially responsible
  15. In an effort to tame air pollution, we need to encourage the use of bicycles. Discuss
  16. Showcase how meditation can assist in stress relief
  17. Discus how education can come in handy in dealing with gun violence
  18. Kids with special needs need more attention in class to help them advance at the same rate with their peers. Discuss
  19. Provide some alternative ways for teachers to improve the engagement of students in class
  20. Learning institutions need to invest more in virtual curricula to make learning more affordable. Discuss
  21. Explain how a custom curriculum could solve the challenge of a one size fits all education system
  22. Innovators in education need to be allowed state grants for a better educational system. Discuss
  23. Explain how an increase in male teachers can make the learning environment more diversified
  24. Discuss how reforms in standard tests can improve the creativity of teachers
  25. Explain how class discussions can go so far in improving the ability of students

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