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Using expert advice: professional essay writing

Professional essay writing is an exact art. You can’t just jump right into it. You need to have a little guidance in order to be successful. There are a few key piece of advice to follow.

  1. Formatting your paper:
  2. When creating professional essays, it is important to follow a writing format that is conducive to the type of essay that you are writing. Each writing style has its own format. For example, most papers will follow a five paragraph format but an argumentative essay will contain an additional paragraph after the three body paragraphs describing what the alternative view is. Having the proper formatting is very important in professional writing.

  3. Paragraph Structure:
  4. How your paragraphs are structured is also important. Professional writing will follow a specific guideline. The first sentence in a paragraph is your topic sentence. Each additional sentence will support the topic sentence. If it doesn’t support the topic sentence, then remove it from the paragraph. The last sentence should be your transition sentence. This is used to create a bridge between this paragraph and the next one.

  5. Proper Punctuation:
  6. Using the proper punctuation is key in any writing but it is especially important in professional writing. Make sure that you are using the correct punctuation in your writing. That means you will have to place your commas in the right place and replace your commas with a semi-colon when necessary.

  7. Correct Spelling:
  8. One of the worst things to do is to incorrectly spell something when writing a professional essay. I can promise you that your reader will not listen or respect your piece of writing if they catch a spelling error. The most common errors that your spell check will not catch would be the incorrect use of a word like “there” and “their”.

  9. Grammar:
  10. Proper grammar is important as well. This is one way to ensure that your essay is professional sounding. It needs to have the correct grammar.

When writing professional papers, it is important to use all of the editing tools at your disposal to make sure that errors don’t get published. Proofreading by you and a few other people may be a great way to catch any of these errors. You may also want to read your essay out loud because it is easier to catch mistakes when you read it and hear it.

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