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Can you actually find good topics for an argumentative essay on the Internet?

The answer is yes, you can. Writing a good argumentative essay means doing research with strong arguments about a topic that is important to you. Your personal position can be behind your work, but your main point will be supported with arguments, logic and evidence that are all derived from hard work.

The best essays—and yours—should be straightforward and well-written arguments that detail your position with a number of arguments, and those arguments should be backed up with facts and evidence. Be ready for opposition to your opinion; figure out the weaknesses in your argument in advance and prepare for them, or use them as a counter-argument by figuring out and attacking the weaknesses in your opponent's argument.

It helps when writing an argumentative essay to pretend to be an attorney; your position on the topic is of great importance to the rest of the world. Much is riding on your work. Do heavy research into your topic and find out the strongest points that you can use to arm yourself with hard-hitting arguments.

Included below are a list of topics one can use for an argumentative essay. Pick and choose among them for something to write, or even pick and choose to come up with your own argument.

  1. Is society encouraging domestic violence against women, or are they asking for it?
  2. Do nuclear missiles and a strong military really make countries safe?
  3. Is the Internet too free with information, or is it radically censored by different countries?
  4. Technology makes life easier for people today. Should it be this way?
  5. Is it right to use animals for scientific research?
  6. Is it right to consume meat for food?
  7. Should marijuana be legalized everywhere?
  8. What are some of the problems with hiring immigrants to be domestic workers?
  9. Should there be schools for boys and schools for girls?
  10. Do humans need the right to own firearms?
  11. Which is better, photo realistic artwork or colorful, impressionistic artwork?
  12. Is democracy effective for a government to function?

There are millions of topics you can use for an argumentative essay. All it takes is a little work and some research to come up with a compelling argument that will win over your opponents, and you'll reap the benefits of your efforts in no time.

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