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Genetic Engineering on Plants

The advent of complex technological innovations and the consistent increase in the global populations has led to an increase in the genetically modified plants in the world. This is because the increase population has led to a rise in the demand for food that cannot be produced by the naturally occurring food on earth. The genetic modification is bases on the use of genetic technology towards the alteration of major attributes of the crops in order to suit the current food needs in the world. The application of genetic engineering in the modification of the plants is an essential undertaking because it enhances the level of production and assist in enhancing the global food security.

Genetic engineering of plants is an important process because it assist in the increase of the yields of the crops through the high production technology. Some of the strategies that are used in increasing the level of production include the use of the technology towards the making the crops to be more adaptable to the increasing changing climatic trends. As a result, the crops can have a higher level of production because of the high level of adaptation to the conditions. On the other hand, the alteration of the genetic material of the plants can also assist in introducing the genetic materials that can increase the level of production.

Genetic engineering can assist in enhancing the value of the plants that are subjected to the process. This is because the some of the plants that are used for food value can have some their nutritional values enhanced and thus increasing the productivity and their ability to serve the unique nutrient demands in the society. Therefore, genetic engineering in plants can assist towards increasing the quality of the plants which is an essential entity in their production process.

Genetic engineering of plants can increase the level of resistance of the plants to various conditions. The resistance can be towards the harsh environmental conditions in various areas where the plants are produced. The resistance of the plants can also be increased in the region where there are poor soils that may not have the required nutrients for the growth and production of the plants. An increase in the resistance of the level of resistance of the plants is important because it can enhance the ability of the plants to be produced in areas and surroundings that are not suitable. As a result, the technology can also lead to the introduction of plant varieties in regions that they did not exist because of the increase suitability levels. The levels of resistance to the pests, weeds and diseases of the plants can be enhanced by the genetic engineering technologies, and this can increase the amount of crops that can be produced and their health.

Genetic engineering in plants can also enhance the economic perspectives of production. This is because there are various entities that are enhanced through genetic engineering, and they can assist in the process of saving various resources associated with the production of the plants. Some of the most common resources that can be saved include the land that is used in the production of the food. Genetically modified plants can be produced in a relatively small parcel of land because of the exclusive feature associated with their production. The technology can also lead to the saving of the costs associated with the inputs because of the high resistance levels of the plants regarding pests and weeds. The high amount of plants that can also be produced due to the genetic modifications can also promote their production through the amount of money that they can generate.

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