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Homework should be banned from school: an essay example

One of the greatest argument amongst students is the ban on homework. To write an acceptable essay on this topic, there must be valid points on why homework should cease to exist. Proving this point can be difficult, or it can be a simple task if you know where you are going. This article will cover some tips for a strong essay on why there should be no homework.

Points to validate

  • Increased school hours
  • Extra stress
  • Rest
  • Extracurricular activities

These are a few points that you can validate to create an essay on why there should be no homework. It is no secret that even schools have increased their daily hours while decreasing lunch and play times. Adding homework on top of the increased hours can add extra stress to students. The stress from hours of homework after spending eight hours at school can leave the student with no extra time, especially high school students. In high school, there are several classes that assign homework; usually eight classes with a minimum of an hour per class. Even if you have four classes with an hour of homework, students will have to cut into their rest time to complete their assignments.

Rest is an important part of being a student, being well rested helps with concentration and focus during class. By cutting into the time students have to rest, they are not learning as much due to being tired and groggy. This is especially true with people in extracurricular activities; these students stay after school for practice and sometimes do not even get home until 8 P.M. This leaves them with almost no time to sleep; not only have they gone to school, gone to practice and games after school, now they have to stay up to do hours of homework.

With all the assignments and learning done during school time, taking hours of homework home only increases the amount of stress on students. It cuts into their time to sleep and spend time with their family. This greatly affects students’ grades since they are going to school longer on less sleep than usual. If the school hours are increasing and free time is decreasing, this can be a major overload on students. It is very difficult to go to school, get little sleep, participate in class, participate in after school activities, and finish homework assignments.

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