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Finding a Reliable Sample of an Essay on the Internet

Essay writing can often be frustrating and tedious, especially for the modern day student that is also required to juggle not one, but many subjects around the clock. Writing an essay can thus be a tedious task for many students. However, like everything, it can be simplified by man’s recently popularized friend—the internet. Today, you can find samples of any essay you want if you just how to look for it. The question now arises of the reliability of the website you are taking help from. Thus, here are some tips to find reliable samples of essays on the internet:

Remember the difference between plagiarism and reference

  • Always remember that you are looking for a sample essay and not hiring a custom essay writing service to do the job for you. Therefore, keep the borrowed quotes to a minimum.
  • The essay you are going to write should not, thus, be a copy of the sample essay, nor should it be a spun one. The sample essay is there is to inspire you, not for you to replicate.

Find a reliable website

  • The first rule to finding a reliable website is to avoid citing a commercial one. Try not to stick to websites that use .com as an extension.
  • Secondly, do not use Wikipedia and other sources like it as your main source of information. A major amount of the student body refers to Wikipedia for a lot of their work.
  • Thirdly, make sure that the website you use is updated and cites all their references. You do not want to use a good reference or quote from the site only to have your paper labeled as plagiarized.

Tips to finding reliable websites

  • Avoid typing in full sentences and questions when looking for reliable websites on search engines. These engines have filters that work according to keywords. Therefore, type in the right keywords and you will get much better results.
  • If you want help on a wide category of topics, use the asterisk sign (*) with the word. For example, psycho* will get you results such as psychotherapist, psychology and so on.
  • Put phrases in quotation marks.
  • If you want to exclude a word, you can use the minus sign (-) to do so.
  • Additionally, using the tilde (~) will get you similar results as well. For example, if you use the tilde with college, the search engine will also get you results for university and schools as well. 

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