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What Is The Best Way To Write An Argumentative Essay: Expert Advice

In an argumentative essay, you state your opinion on a subject and then you support the subject with credible data. It is not so much of an argument as it is a proof. There are definite rules to follow when you are constructing this style of composition. Do not worry; you can use our expert advice for the best way to write an argumentative essay.


  • Strong support-this entire paper is based on your support. You must use evidence from credible experts. You cannot use quotes from your baby sister or the girl next door unless they are certifiable experts in your subject field.
  • Watch your emotions-people tend to get emotional when it comes to this style of paper. Emotions are fine when tempered, but ranting and weak supported demotions will not get you an A+ on the piece. Use your emotions, no mater how strongly you feel, at a minimum and always support them in your essay. Remember to cite your sources and to have a reference page attached to your submission.
  • Trending topics-for a super trendy and innovative topic, check out social media and news outlet updates. Just make sure that there is enough support when you select a new topic for the paper. If you can find the evidence, your teacher will be impressed that you know about the latest news.
  • Listen to your teacher-the best paper in the world is not any good if it is too short, comes in past the deadline, or uses the wrong formatting. So, when the teacher gives you the directions and due dates, place those handouts in a very safe place and refer back to them on a regular and timely basis.
  • Debate anyone?-check out debate websites. Even if you are not on the debate team, you can greatly benefit from going to a national debate site. There will be topics you will love, tips for proving your points, and advice on where and how to use emotions in an argument without losing credibility.

The next time your teacher assigns an argumentative paper, you have it covered. Use our expert tips and always remember to have very strong and credible support, temper your emotions, look for trending but solid topics, listen to the teacher, and check out national debate websites. Following these tips will help you to that A+ paper.

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