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Sex Education in Schools


Sex education is the acquisition of information about human sexuality. This information helps young people to develop beliefs and attitude about sex and sexual identity through improvement of their skills and competence in handling matters relating to sexuality. This essay identifies the information required in sex education and its importance. It also focuses on challenges associated with this type of education.


When providing students with information about sex, there are certain topics teachers should focus on. One of these topics is sexuality. Sexuality is the property which makes a distinction between the reproductive roles. Students ought to have an understanding on the occurrence of the male and female and their differences. Students also need to have an understanding about birth control and contraception. This is important since they, in most cases, find themselves engaging in sex, unaware of the consequences. Relationships should also be of concern in sex education. Students need to understand when they should commit themselves into relationships and how to conduct themselves within the relationship. Most students enter into early marriages which end up causing problems to them in future.

Reproduction and sexual development is another aspect that has been of interest in educating students about sex. As young people grow, they undergo physical and emotional changes. These have a great influence in the sexual behavior. They need to have proper understanding about the risks associated with promiscuity. Studying Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) is important for them since they will be able to make informed decisions.

There are a number of things that hinder sex education in schools. One of these is that a number of schools’ curriculum lack sex education. Most schools do not include this curriculum in their planning. They may not recognize the value of this kind of education and, hence, they do not prioritize it. Religious beliefs may also play a role in hindering this kind of education. Some religions set limits in child education. They view sexual education as embarrassing thus limiting its study. Cultural beliefs also have similar cases as religious beliefs. They both hold that sex education is embarrassing.


Sex education helps young people to develop beliefs and attitude about sexuality by improving their skills and competence. It is important for all students to be provided with sufficient information about sex especially that which concerns relationships, birth control and sexual development. In this process, there are a number of challenges encountered. They range from planning to religious and cultural beliefs. It is, however, important to ensure young people are well equipped with the right information for them to make the right decisions.

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