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Tips for Advanced Writers: Some Creative Hints to End Your Essay

Once you have mastered writing MLA and APA papers, then you can add some new techniques to increase your level of writing. You can have a thesis paragraph instead of a thesis statement, you can incorporate different styles of support, and you can begin to vary your endings. Most papers at the beginner level end with a universal statement and a re-phrasing of the thesis statement. But as you advance in your writing, you can end with a question, end with a quote, or propose a hypothesis.

Ending a question either works really well, or is a bomb. The effect you get will depend on the question you ask. You need to make sure the question is relative to the topic and reaches beyond the topic at the same time. For example, if writing about a dystopian novel, you could ask if the one in the book is realistic in any manner and if this type of society could exist within the next few years in America. This is a perfect example of how to end an essay with a question.

Ending and starting a paper with a quote used to be considered something you did not do in a formal essay. However, rules in writing have changed. If you can find an acceptable and relative quote, you may end your essay with that quote. There are many sites online that provide quotes, as well as bookstores and libraries that offer books of quotes.

Proposing a hypothesis in the end of a paper is a rather complex tool to implement. The hypothesis must relate to the novel, but cause the reader to think in a different light. For example, you could propose a hypothesis where the protagonist and the antagonist switch roles in a novel, or where an entire novel takes place in a different setting. A hypothesis can be fun because you get to put your own ideas and thoughts into the paper’s outcome and direction.

As you advance in your writing skills, it can be fun to try new things in your papers. Your teacher will introduce you to some of the different techniques and you may also find some of them on your own as you write and explore writing. Try the three suggestions above first and master them. You will see how they take your papers to a higher level.

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