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The History of Public Discourse

Public speaking is one of the top five fears people have. It is simply very difficult for people to get up in front of others and speak. Speeches come in many different types and forms. A speech or public discourse can be planned, memorized, or given extemporaneously. Public Discourse is speaking and speech giving. There are three distinct genres of public discourse with many, many subheadings and categories. The three main headings are deliberate, forensic, and epideictic.

Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela took speech classes in high school. Most schools have a program and speech competitions that take place all over the world. A deliberate speech is defined as a speech used to convince an audience to complete or not to complete an action. Techniques of appeal such as emotional or supportive can be used to convince the audience or the judges to agree with your point.

The history of public discussion goes all the way back to Ancient Greece and the Demosthenes, Cicero, and Aristotle. Aristotle often spoke in town centers for hours on end. He had no fear of public discourse. The art of rhetoric or public discourse has evolved over the years and years, but Aristotle made some of the ground rules that are still used today. Rhetoric or public discourse is any public speech with or without having audience participation. A forensic heading simply covers the entire body of speaking such As Congressional or such as Lincoln.

The children or adults at these contests may or may not know the topics before the event. It depends on the genre of the public discourse. And sometimes there is a solo speaker or even a team of two participating in the speech. An epideictic speech is to praise or to either blame a topic of discussion, event, or person. Usually one public discourse speaker takes one side of the topic and another child argues the other side of the topci. There can be rebuttals in this form of public discourse.

Some organizations that help out with public discourse are the National Forensic League, the American Forensic Association, and the National Forensic Association. They often post rules, changes, competitions, and speech topics. It is hard to imagine that the art of public discourse has been around since Ancient Greece and Aristotle. It is also hard to imagine that some of the genres and rules of public discourse that he created are still used in events today.

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