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7 Rules For Writing A Reflective Essay On Cultural Studies

Writing a reflective essay should never be a hard task for you, considering that there is so much that you can do to convince the reader about the concepts you are discussing. In this kind of paper, the concept is to make sure that you bring forth a sense of reflection, giving your audience something to think about even after they have read your paper. They are supposed to have something to discuss later on, based on what you presented to them in your work.

In as far as this context goes, working on a paper under cultural studies is one of the easiest options that you have so far. The reason for this is because in cultural studies, you are basically being the mirror of the society to the reader. They are supposed to see the society through your eyes, through your views. Even if the reader or your teacher belongs to this society, try and assume that they are new, alien to the society and give them your perspective. Here are some 7 points that will guide you through as you work on this paper.

  1. Be realistic
  2. For this paper, it is mandatory that you be as realistic as possible when you are working on it. Your talking points are not supposed to be or appear to be far-fetched.

  3. Proper research
  4. Never assume that the reader does not know the culture of the society that you are writing about, so do proper research to ensure that you can surprise them with a thing or two, and be relevant in the research process.

  5. Contemporary issues
  6. Some of the easiest points that you can discuss in this topic are issues concerning how contemporary issues come up and the clash between these and deeply rooted traits.

  7. Norms
  8. Do not forget to discuss some of the things that are considered to be norms within the cultural group you are discussing.

  9. Rules and regulations
  10. There is a difference between norms and rules and regulations. You need to ensure that while writing this paper, you get to consider these and set the differences straight.

  11. Taboos
  12. Another thing that you have to discuss from a cultural point of view are the taboos that are associated with that particular group.

  13. New and upcoming trends
  14. Finally, highlight some of the things that are arising in the society, with respect to continued association with the rest of the world.

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