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How To Finish Your Paper: Crafting The Last Sentence Of An Essay

The last sentence of your essay should be a powerful one; you have to leave the reader thinking about the topic that you told them about. The last sentence can do this so you want to make is a great one.

Crafting Your Last Sentence

  • Look the big picture, what did you just write in your essay? Tell the reader why what you just told them is important. State the importance of the essay is a great way to end it.
  • If you are doing an argumentative essay then you can leave the reader with the implications or consequences of your topic. You want them to care about what you just told them in your essay.
  • Did you just tell the reader about a controversial topic? Then you can use the last sentence to give them your opinion on the subject. But make sure that you have the evidence in your essay to back up your opinion.
  • Give the reader an image to imagine at the end of your essay. Having them picture an image in there head will ensure that they won’t forget about what you just wrote in your essay.
  • If you have a good sense of humor, you can use that for your last sentence. This is not for topics that are serious or ones that you wrote in a straight forward tone. They won’t work in that kind of essay.
  • Now that you have your sentence, you want to perfect it. Consider shortening it or using shorter words.
  • You could also use your title or introduction as a reference for you last sentence. Is there a phase or a few words that you can use from it for you last sentence?
  • You want your last sentence to be memorable, so you might want to consider using a quote to really send your topic home.
  • You don’t want to use redundant phrases in your last sentence, this means using in conclusion or in summary. These will make your last sentence boring.
  • You can summarize in your last sentence but use caution because you don’t want to sound like a broken record and repeat everything you just told them.
  • Don’t bring up new topics that you didn’t cover in your essay. This will leave the reader confused and want to know more on the subject, which you can’t do in the last sentence.

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