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The Layout Of A Literary Essay: Helpful Directions

As you take your first teetering steps as a writer, you will need to be well aware of the following aspects of a literary essay if you hope to write one well:


This paragraph is the first part that anyone reads but need not be the first part that you write. You may need to be fairly sure what the rest of your paper will contain before you can start writing the part that will introduce it. This allows for greater continuity.


While an introduction is generally the length of a single paragraph, the body of an essay can be anywhere from one paragraph to hundreds long. It really just varied based on how many points you have that absolutely must be included in the piece. It is good practice to keep these paragraphs of similar length but this is not always possible.


This is the last paragraph. It gives you a chance to wrap everything together and let readers know what you concluded or derived from everything that was discussed. Try not to summarize everything. That can be repetitive.


Most educators will require a list of references. This shows where you got some of the ideas, points or even quotes form. Without this, you could be penalized for claiming those ideas as your own.

For additional tips and guidance:

  • Ask friends who write these regularly
  • They can take you through the process step by step so that the whole thing becomes as simple for you as it is for them. This is a great idea if you tend to learn better in the company of others. It also tends to be free of charge although occasionally a friend may make you pay.

  • Read a few well written sample papers
  • If no friends can help you a sample paper is the next best thing. It shows you what the rules look like when applied flawlessly so you can attempt to do the same. Just make sure that the paper you access is well written. You can absorb bad habits just as easily as good ones.

  • Acquire a template
  • This tip works well when paired with a few good samples. Templates show you what your paper should contain and where each of those elements should go. All you need to do is fill in the blanks and most of them come with instructions to help with that.

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