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How to Write a Strong Introduction of a Problem Solution Essay on Insomnia

A problem solution essay seeks to remedy an issue. The ideas for the cure have to be supported in an academic fashion with valid support. The paper will have in-text citations and it will have a reference page. Insomnia is the condition dealing with the inability to sleep or the inability to sleep a complete nightly cycle. This paper will bring viable remedies to the sleep condition as a support. These main ideas will help to make up the thesis statement. Use our suggestions for a strong introduction in a problem solution essay on insomnia.


  • Pick 3-4 ideas- you need 3-4 main ideas for this composition. If one of them is weaker than the other main points, then place that weaker idea in the middle of the two stronger ideas. You will need to research the subject in order to see which of the ideas are best supported by academic research. Remember, your goal is to provide a viable cure for the issue at hand.
  • Make a solid thesis statement-once you pick the main points, you will then place them into the thesis statement. The sentence needs to be clear and simple and give the main points you have selected. This is the most important sentence in the entire paper. It is also the road map for the paper to follow.
  • Have a hook- a hook or attention getter is quite important to the introductory paragraph. This can be a quote, a question, a story, data, a case study, or any other strong and compelling piece of evidence. The idea of the hook is to pull the reader into the paper. This needs to be very strong to be effective.
  • Keep it simple-the first paragraph does not need to be complex. A delivery that is understood and easy to digest is actually desired. If you use any unique jargon, you should make sure to define it for the audience. You do not want to confuse or lose your reader in the first paragraph.

As you write this paper on insomnia, you can use our expert suggestions. You will need to keep in mind that you are trying to remedy a condition with solid and realistic reasons. Select the strongest points as you brainstorm for the paper. The beginning paragraph is the most important piece of the composition.

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