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Useful Tips For Composing An Essay About Dependence On Technology

Technological dependence is the abject truth f the modern times. We get goose bumps on hearing that we have to stand an hour in the electricity office or to find and buy something which is not easily available. We blench on the prospect of washing clothes manually. Technology does not beget convenience for us; it begets life.

Points to consider

It therefore may come easily to write an essay on the theme of dependence on technology. You should consider the following points while doing so –

  • Find details – You should be well-read about the technology so that your suggestions are point-perfect. Writing on an assumption that it should be able to assuage a certain situation purely because it is contextual won’t help you.
  • A collective response – You should gather the vote of a collective group on the technology; not what the technology itself boasts of. Any technology which a larger lot cling to has got to be appreciable.
  • The ease it brings – Be methodical in mentioning the rate of convenience that the technology brings to general life. Also suggest the longevity of the technology, based on its striations, feasibility and viability. A cell phone won’t be suitable if the call charges would have remained enormous.
  • The pros and cons – You should be neutral while dissecting the technology. While placing its highs, you should not altogether ignore the lows as well. This ensures a sort of balance you are looking for.
  • Creating an instance – This accords a sense of personal touch. You can mention a real life incidence on how the technology changes the dynamics of a situation and offered a useful solution.
  • An objective enquiry – Do not be driven by the fact that the particular technology is quite helpful to your way of living. Preconceptions won’t let you handle the topic with fairness.
  • The improvement scope – You should strive to find out areas of improvement and suggest a few tenable ways. This warms the paper with the readers.
  • A smart conclusion – You should end it on a confident and assertive note. You should be clear about the diaphragm of the technology; it’s supposed reach and the difference is going to make in future.

Sequential progression

This particular essay is a casual mix of opinions and actual data. Thus, it accords you greater leverage and you can afford to experiment a bit with its texture. It however is ideal to keep a linear tone and proceed sequentially.

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