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The Differences Dietary Habits Between Chinese And Western

There are many different dietary habits between Chinese and Western cultures. While neither is necessarily better than the other they both offer great sources of nutrition and culture. Some of the biggest influencing factors between the different food habits include the region as well as the customs and the environment.

Western societies enjoy eating several meals each day while Chinese citizens eat no more than three meals. Chinese citizens buy fresh food each day while Westerners often go to the store for food once per week and keep items in their refrigerator. They also eat frozen foods while Chinese citizens do not consume many frozen items or pre-cooked items. Chinese citizens avoid tinning foods or salting foods to preserve them too. Chinese citizens prefer the use of soya bean oil while cooking while westerners often use butter and olive oil.

When celebrating Chinese families will prepare many extravagant dishes and entertain a multitude of guests while westerners do not host large dinner parties for strangers or friends of friends as often. Western dinner parties are smaller and often include close friends and family. To enhance flavor Chinese citizens use more salt than westerners and also add monosodium glutamate while cooking which has been banned in many western locations. This ingredient can be harmful to your health if you consume too much which is why many Western restaurants and local legislation have banned it from Chinese food restaurants.

Westerners consume more protein on the whole than Chinese citizens but Chinese citizens consume more fresh fruits and vegetables. On the note of protein: westerners are quite picky about the cuts of meat they will consume while the Chinese will consume parts of the animal that are more harmful to cholesterol and health such as the intestines or lungs or the liver. Chinese citizens consume white rice and flour with their meals while westerns consume breads made from white flour. Westerners often end their meals with desserts that are sweet while Chinese citizens eat fruit at the end of a meal. At the end of a meal the Chinese will have a cup of tea while westerners have coffee.

All in all the different dietary habits between Chinese and western countries are founded in culture and history as well as environment. Some habits are more beneficial for health than others but each offer insight into other customs and knowledge of that can bring our world closer together.

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