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10 Steps to Conclude your Essay

Concluding your essay is very important because a perfect ending will leave the reader mesmerized. An abrupt ending will spoil the tempo built with the introduction and main body.

These 10 points or steps will conclude your essay on a proper note:


  • Restate your topic:
  • Broach your topic in the conclusion and also make it evident why it is necessary. Do not try to over-state your topic, neither spend more space on it because a good essay has already has made the topic apparent in the introduction and main body.

  • Restate your thesis:
  • A thesis is a refined or narrow version of your topic. Like your topic, restating your thesis is necessary, but the excessive content of the thesis will deviate the reader.

  • Summarize your points:
  • In this section the writer must summarize all the main points he has made in the main body. For this to be done, it is necessary for the reader to re-read the main body and make a note of the main points.

  • Posing Questions:
  • Posing Questions is a tactic to engross the reader. These questions should not be rhetorical. Such inquisitive questions should be spread out through the conclusion and not clustered at one point. Too many questions will spoil the outlook of the conclusion.

  • Use of Quotations:
  • Proper use of quotations is necessary for bringing a lively look and a sense of adoration for your article. These quotes should be used in sync with the context.


  • Avoid using sentences ‘in conclusion’ or ‘summary’ :
  • Using phrases like these are inappropriate as they sound stiff or unnatural. Phrases like these bring a sense of closeness to the essay and are not appreciated by readers.

  • Do not try to state your thesis at the last:
  • Stating your thesis at the last is a tempting idea to make your essay more dramatic, but by doing so it makes your essay look unorganized.

  • Leave out new information:
  • No new information has to be added while concluding the essay no matter how substantial it is. Doing so will result in the essay looking unprofessional.

  • Do not change the tone of the essay:
  • Changing the tone of the essay, for instance from an academic tone to an emotional tone is not advocated for this is not a signature of a good writer.

  • Do not apologize:
  • Statements like ‘this is only my opinion’ or ‘I may not be an expert’ may create less regard by the reader towards your findings or discoveries.

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