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Choosing persuasive essay topics: make your question challenging


Persuasive essays are one of the more common types of writing, and it is important that you have this skill. Writing to persuade is used in business, everyday life, and academic applications, and will be useful at every major life stage a person goes through. In addition, there are several keys to writing a persuasive essay well, but one of them is more important than others. Focus should be put on the question your paper asks, and how it goes about answering it. A good topic can make an essay, and some effort should be put in if you want something unique, challenging, and controversial.

Choose the Controversy

There was a study done of people on first dates or meetings, and whether they wanted to meet or date again. One of the lead indicators of a second date or meeting was if controversial topics were discussed or not. This might seem counter-intuitive, but it turns out that people actually love controversy and talking about it. Therefore, when picking a topic, make sure you have a question that people have strong opinions on, without a clear answer. If the answer to your topic is obvious, there is hardly a need to persuade anyone of anything, is there?

Unique topics

In all this, you want to make sure that what you have to say is unique. Even if you are choosing a controversial topic, make sure to avoid the cliché persuasive topics, even if they are very controversial. Find something local, or focus on world events or phenomena that not many people know about. Many good topics can be found by researching innovative technology or looking at world events going on. These are things that people can form strong opinions on quickly, but they might not already be aware of. This gives a perfect combination of controversy and specialness that gives weight to the question your paper is asking.

Finding an argument below the surface

If you want the topic of your essay to be challenging, you must be very vigilant about choosing things that are not surface topics. Such things are boring and ultimately uninteresting- you should make sure you ask the kind of question that no one else is asking, even if you have a topic that has been well gone over. To do this, make sure that you are mindful to the needs of you reader. Do not just answer a surface question, but also find something that is not being asked. A good way to do this is ask one question, assume it is true, and asks a more complicated and nuanced question that depends on the first question- then argue for both.

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