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How To Write An Introduction Paragraph For An Essay And Set A Good Mood 

The introduction paragraph for your essay sets a good mood for the reader if it is done well. But sometimes it is important to do the introduction after you have done the bulk of the research and writing. Here are some tips for how to address this section of your essay.

Step 1:

Break through writer’s block

If you are finding it difficult to write, you might be facing writer’s block. When this happens it can be very beneficial to talk through the ideas you have with anyone who is willing to listen. You might even consider talking them through to yourself. Write out the thoughts you have without censoring them or criticizing them. Sometimes the ideas we consider bad need to get out of our head in order to continue working. Writing them down does this for you by clearing them from your brain and leaving room for something new. Remember that it is easier to edit an idea than it is to write, so write whenever you can and edit later. You will go through multiple drafts before you reach a perfect paper.

If you are struggling with a concept or sentence, try marking a dash or line in the space where you are unable to find the right words and keep working. You can return to these dashes or lines and fill them in later. What is most important here is that you cultivate a pattern of producing work regularly which you can edit or toss out later.

Step 2:

Remember that this will be a time consuming task and you should not rush yourself. No draft you produce will be perfect the first time. Each section of your paper will endure multiple drafts. If you feel comfortable with one part, distance yourself from it for a few days and ask someone else to review it in between. Then return to it for proofreading and consider the comments of the other readers. It is important to be open to criticism. Plus, a fresh perspective might surprise you.

Step 3:

Your essay should be thought of as a marathon. You can only achieve the large goal through a series of short deadlines and goals. Doing something small each day will give you the momentum to try and accomplish something small the next day, and the next day... But this all starts with your mind and acknowledging that it will take patience, time, and hard work.

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