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Learning to Write an Example Essay from People's Experiences

When the proper method/tips of writing an example essay are known then the essay can turn out to be great one.

A student cannot skip writing an essay in their academic career. To help you out with your example essay we have listed some experiences of students who wrote essays for admission and shared the feedback for their type of essay from the admission selection panel. The students who wrote the essays got selected in their chosen institutes.

Various Experiences:

  1. Olivia wrote an essay on her experience in living in an International country. She was in Geneva and spent 4 years studying in an International school where there were 80 different nationalities. The various aspects in her essay that touched the foreign culture specific to the country were appreciated. But the final paragraph was too precise. The selectors said, “You should have kept the points personal rather than social.”

    • The experience of Olivia elaborates that when writing a personal statement the selectors look at your essay as a representation of not only an argument or opinion but also how well you defend it with your points as well as various other proofs researched and studied from various good sources.
    • Moreover, her argument and her presentation of the country is good but an essay also needs to be concluded on a private note.

  2. George wrote a very well organized essay on himself as an athlete, a football player to be precise. He used football to discuss his self growth. He shared about his development from school till the current time. He wrote that football made him tough and his coaches trained him to work hard.

The tips learned from the essay are:

  • An essay needs to be well organized. This is an essential factor.
  • Proper structure and planning of this essay is another factor.
  • His maturity and confidence is very well described but the essay lacks a story or an event that could have actually showed how he became confident after that experience.
  • The essay also does not discuss the improvements after personal description.

One thing that should be strictly avoided while writing an essay is usage of ‘corpulent sentences’.

There are many other tips that you can collect from students who got selected in prestigious colleges or from the selection panel who check the essays.

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