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School Is Bad For Children

I can vividly remember my first day in a formal school. I was excited and eager to go to school and learn. In my sharing with my friends, I now understand that they were eager and very enthusiastic about their first day in school. However, most of my friends no longer regard school as highly as they did before their first day in school. The question is what changes? Myself I do not see school as that industry that will make young kids into that person that they dream of. Most kids go to school and within the first month, they have a very different perception of school. Many go to school yearning to have fun and learn real-life situations that make them sensible people in the world. Make people who can solve situations not with the taught formulae only, but with creativity so as to make the world the best place to live in.

The system

It is important to be clear about the issue of school and education. Education is important and vital to life. The systems that are used to guide our kids through education process are the ones that fail us. These systems no longer unite the two most vital aspects of life; learning and living. These two are portrayed as two things without any relationship. It is like learning is what happens in the school compound and living is what you experience when you are out of school. This has created a dull environment in the school compounds. Schools and the system turn the mind of kids and they think that learning starts on their first day of school to the day they graduate. They believe that learning is a process that will allow them to learn the set things just for good grades to get a good job and have a happy life.

Lack of proper Motivation

The system in schools is about teaching and testing. This makes kids afraid of failure. The motivation is to pass and please the teachers and the parents. The urge to learn what the children are curious about is no longer there. They cannot explore what they do not know about the world because they have to focus on the set syllabus. Motivation in inform of rewards. Those who fail are punished. Kids thus learn ways of keeping up with the teachers by developing lying tricks so as to avoid punishments. This is what makes our schools go wrong. The best thing that can be done is developing democratic schools that allow kids to explore out of their own curiosity.

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