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How to write a perfect topic sentence for essay

Writing a topic sentence has its challenges. You need to understand what information is essential to your audience. You need to understand what information is important to your topic that can be presented first. At the same time, you need to hook your audience based on something factual, statistical, a question or something to make readers ponder. You can find sample essays and read their topic sentences to get ideas on how to craft your own. Here are some tips to help you write a good topic sentence for your essay.

Find Something to Hook Your Audience

A hook grabs attention of the reader quickly. This can be a question, general statement, statistic or something humorous. The idea is to get readers into your work and hold their attention so they will keep reading. A topic sentence can have the same element as a hook. Depending on your topic you want to start off with something people can relate to, understand or may find intriguing if it is something they have never heard before.

Define a Good Starting Point for Your Topic

Think carefully about your topic and what you want people to read first. You will need to think about related details carefully to help you create a sentence. You may get some ideas for a strong topic sentence but it should provide insight on what the paragraph or sentences following are about. Each paragraph will have a topic sentence toward the beginning. To help you find a starting point for this sentence, think about what the paragraph will be about. This is like giving a hint to readers on what will follow afterwards.

Think about What You Want Readers to Know First

Your topic should have a few important points of interest for readers. Each paragraph in your essay is designated for a certain purpose. Your introduction will have a topic sentence that can act as a hook to get readers interested early. Your body paragraphs will each have a supporting point and evidence to back up your thesis in your introduction. These paragraphs will have a topic sentence that lays the foundation for the information in the paragraph as a whole. Your conclusion will have a topic sentence that starts the close of the topic followed by restated thesis statement and supporting points.

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