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Strain Theorists

Strain theorists such as Robert K. Merton explored concepts of how people achieve goals. In this sense it may have to do with cultural structure and social development. In some cases a person can be in an environment that may not provide means for a person to meet their goals. But Merton explored how people used what was before them to help the achieve goals. They may not have been considered proper but it showed an imbalance of what is approved, verses what is accepted within a culture. Later, Merton was able to categorized people based on their behavior and what they wanted to achieve.

There are several groups of people that many can define themselves as when it comes to establishing their goals. Here, we can discuss two types to give a basic idea of how people may see themselves as they work toward goal achievement. Few are familiar with what many call a rebel. They may have their own way of establishing goals by what is generally accepted in a culture, but they may have new goals and means by way of how they will achieve them. Some think they have a way of rejecting what is acceptable in a culture to achieve a goal. In other words, they want to do things their way no matter what anyone says.

Another group of people many are familiar with are innovators. They have their own way of accomplishing goals as well, but they usually don’t except the methods a society suggests in achieving goals. They may share similar goals with their culture in general, but not necessarily agree to how the goals should be met. Some of these people may be seen as criminals because they tend to go against what is culturally correct when obtaining something such as wealth. A drug dealer is a prime example.

While two types of people were discussed the most common people can identify with is the conformist. They are people who follow society to a T. They believe in attaining goals in normal fashion in relation to society beliefs. For instance, a person working at a job on a regular basis becomes successful in their industry or trade. Strain theorists review how people either believe or go against cultural beliefs of their society. They have goals to achieve that are similar to others but they have different or similar views on how they can be achieved successfully.

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