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IB Extended Essay: 10 Great Ideas On How To Complete Your Paper Quickly

An extended essay is the form of essay that requires extensive research and formal writing style in the advanced level degrees. Students usually attempt such assignments in their senior year for graduation or higher qualifications. If you need to write an extended essay, the first thing you need to understand is that this is not going to be a class task. You need to write these essays on your own, at your home or free time after the class. However, if this is your first time writing an extended essay or you do not have enough experience with the writing process then you can consult your supervisors and class assistants to help you complete your IB extended essay. You need to keep in mind that this not going to be very quick, you need to write an extended essay with the minimum length of four thousand words. This means you will need a detailed study and efforts to complete your essay.

If you are having trouble completing your extended essay for graduation or high school then you certainly need some help. This essay also accounts for a certain percentage in your overall grade so you need be a little careful with it. This article will help you complete your extended essay without much trouble

  1. Start early
  2. Plan your essay
  3. Choose a unique topic
  4. Develop your major arguments
  5. Based on your thesis statement, you need to develop your major arguments for the essay

  6. Collect relevant materials
  7. Research to find strong supporting points

  8. Analyze the data and organize your paper
  9. Data analysis and collection both are very important for a successful extended essay

  10. Write the first draft
  11. Write a draft before writing the original copy

  12. Edit and improve
  13. Revise your draft to find potential gaps in your writing and try to cover them with better vocabulary, sentence structure, explanations and concrete examples

  14. Double check every fact, title, quote and numerical value
  15. To make sure your paper is free of any mistakes you must do this step

  16. Include citations
  17. It is important to include citations in your paper to tell the readers the actual source for facts, quotes or any ideas or words that you used in your paper. This will keep you safe from plagiarism and allow space for future research

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