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Writing A Brilliant Critical Literary Essay Step By Step

A brilliant critical literary essay includes good details and analysis of literary work in question. The paper provides in-depth details about something you read. The content may depend on thoughts, actions, or perceptions of the characters or the author. You provide details for the essay based on how you were impacted by the work. There are different ways to go about writing this paper, but the following points offer basic insight on how you can get started and steps you need to take.

  • Develop your idea for a topic. When thinking about your critical essay idea you can select a passage, think about character roles, feelings you felt while reading, etc. These aspects will help you define a thesis statement or purpose for your topic. You can refer to notes you have taken during reading to help define your topic.
  • Start your introduction with a topic sentence and basic background details about your topic. This may include a brief summary of the literary work in question. You can consider mentioning details such as the author and title of work. Beginning your essay in this manner helps readers understand the context of the work you are analyzing.
  • Develop strong thesis statement to include in your introduction. Avoid making it vague but a statement that clearly says what the paper is about. Referring back to your notes you may have an idea of what to write about. You can develop your idea and make changes if necessary throughout the writing process to make it fit your paper.
  • Read your source material and notes thoroughly. Concentrate on content presented in the work and how you react to it.
  • Develop an outline to help you write. This may vary depending on length and information required from the literary work. Details such as identifying literary work, thesis statement, body, summary, analysis, evaluation, and conclusion are aspects to help you divide your essay outline accordingly.
  • What areas of the work did you like and dislike (analysis and criticisms). Your essay will examine areas of literary work you liked and disliked. You can provide an example from the work itself or detail information related to the conflict or problem explored. You can do this also from the author’s perspective.
  • Develop conclusion and summarize important points of the work you read. To bring your essay to a close restate your thesis statement and supporting points with emphasis on what you want readers to know about the work.

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