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Who can help me edit my essay:

Writing an essay is not a task it is a process. Choosing a topic that is interesting and important to you is just the beginning. There is research to be done, plans to be made, and then discarded. There is a whole phase of sifting through information for the most relevant parts to use. In addition, there is another one when you form a synthesis of all you have found into a coherent argument and conclusion.

Now that you have done all of the above you deserve a high five and a pat on the back, but it is not the end of it. You need someone else to go through your work and edit it. You know the topic in and out, and have reached the conclusions based on sound evidence and argument, but writing an essay is a craft and form is as important as the content.

Here is a list of resources you can use to find editing help:

  1. Your parents, a friend, or a relative may be the best place to start looking for help. You can expect diligence and indulgence from them and they are not likely to charge you. Another plus is the fact that they are available to discuss and review the material repeatedly until you are satisfied.
  2. Freelance editors: You can search for freelance editors in your local newspaper’s classified section or online. A local library or bookshop may also be able to help you find someone reasonable.
  3. A teacher: Someone who takes a keen interest in your growth, education, and career is likely to be an excellent reviewer of your work. They may be able to point you in the right direction if editing is not their forte.
  4. Online editors and software: Online essay editors may be a cheap and convenient way to recheck and edit your essay. Beware of the no-responsibility clause though.
  5. Other online sources include agencies that specialize in helping students with their assignments and homework. You may want to ask around and research a few before you decide to use one of these. Some of the online agencies are credible and charge an affordable fee for help. Others may not be up to the mark but are likely to cost the same or even more. Always does your “homework” before you pay online. Fees may or may not be refundable so it is your personal responsibility to avoid substandard or unethical services. In addition, try to find a resource that delivers on its promises.

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