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Developing an Essay: Tips to Follow

All throughout high school and college your professors will require you to write essays. The thought of writing an essay can make some people panic while others breeze through the process with ease. Either way, constructing an essay is time consuming and sometimes tedious. Trying to figure out what you want to write about is only half the battle; the other half is trying to figure out how to actually write a high-quality essay. Here are some tips that will help you along the way in developing your essay.


  • Tip #1: Brainstorming: This is not something that can be done in one sitting, it will take time and patience. Get your thoughts down on paper as they come to you.
  • Tip #2 Outline: Typically an outline of some sort is formed during the brainstorming process. Outlines are great because it gives you a clear vision on what you will be researching and how you will form your essay. Outlines also help keep you organized during the research process.
  • Tip #3 Proper formatting: An essay is made up of three basic parts; the introduction, body, and conclusion. You also want to make sure you use proper citations throughout the paper and have a reference or works cited page. There are many resources out there to assist with proper citations.
  • Tip #4 Clarity: Clarity is crucial when it comes to writing an effective essay. Everything from your thesis to your conclusion has to be clear and flow easily for the reader. When focusing on the paragraphs section, each one should focus on a specific idea and segway into a new one.
  • Tip #5 Do not procrastinate: Even if your topic is one you are familiar with, it is highly recommended that you do not procrastinate when writing an essay. When you wait until the last minute you are forcing yourself to omit ideas that may be good for the essay.
  • Tip #6 Proofreading and edit: Always have a second set of eyes look at your essay and give feedback.
  • Tip #7 Writing assistance: If you are having trouble at any stage of the writing process, know that you there are many resources available. There are online sites that cater to proper citations in different writing styles, you can hire a freelancer or company to assist you or you can go to the college writing center for help.

Essay writing can be made easier by following these simple tips.

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