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Interesting guidelines on how to write a 5 paragraph essay outline

An outline can be your greatest weapon when writing anything. Many people skip this step thinking of it as a waste of time. They see it as adding an extra step. In reality though, they are skipping the most important step without even realizing it. This can be a powerful resource that works hard in your favor if you put hard work into it. You can really get a lot out of an outline if you care enough to put work into it. Here are some things that should go into a good outline.

What a good outline needs

  • A good structure that will mirror the essay
  • As many ideas and facts as you can put in it
  • A lot of detail

A good structure

Your outline should have the same structure and format as the essay will have. Make sure that the outline mirrors the essay’s format so that you can use it well. The more closely your outline matches the essay’s format the better it will be to help you write the essay. If you use a 5 paragraph format outline for a much longer essay then it won’t be much help to you at all.

As much information as possible

While outlining the introduction you should put in all of the ideas you have for the introduction. This way you can follow the outline exactly and get done more quickly and more efficiently. The body paragraphs are the most important part. The more ideas and details you can add the better your paper will flow when you are writing the essay. This will make it much easier to write.

A lot of detail

The more detail that you can add in addition to the main points and facts you write in the essay will be to use it as a map for your essay. Details such as what you want to say about the information that you add in the outline will make writing the essay a breeze. It will be like a flow of information already in order just waiting for you to write it down.

Essentially an outline for an essay is a condensed version of an essay. It is like a blueprint for writing. The more you put into it the quicker you can write the essay and the less likely you are to lose your train of thought.  

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