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Main features of good narrative argument essay topics

Narrative essays tell the reader a story. Argumentative essays present two sides of a debate fairly in written form. The narrative argument uses the art of story telling to convince the reader that a particular perspective is true or right. It can play on the reader’s emotions so in some ways it also resembles a persuasive essay. The main features of this type of essay writing are:


An argument can rely primarily on reason to inform the reader but narrative argument essays must tell a good story too. The topic should be one that draws the reader’s interest before he or she even reads the first words of the introduction.


This may imply that the writing cannot be fictional but that is not the intention. A topic should feel like the author can write on it from experience so that the reader can be immersed in the essay completely. If it does not feel ‘right’ the reader is harder to convince.


When picking a topic, try to make it one the reader can relate to on some level. If you and the reader have very little in common this will be slightly less possible but you should still set this as your goal which you will succeed at to various levels at different times.

The following essays topics can be written in the narrative argument style.

  1. The futility of cherishing the last days of summer
  2. Why I would dread Earth’s first contact with the grays
  3. The relative improbability of my success as a time traveler
  4. The Great Recession and how it changed my future for the worse
  5. Coping with food issues as opposed to succumbing
  6. Learning Flamenco with two left feet
  7. From “Will you...?” to “I do”: Why it’s better to ask than never know
  8. My first memory and why I’m sure it’s real
  9. The music of my generation and how it’s different from that of the generation that followed it
  10. My body hair and why I see it as valuable part of myself

This style may be used less often that the argumentative, persuasive and process type essays but it’s wise to develop familiarity with it regardless. It has wide applicability from political speeches to advertising campaigns.

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