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Getting Help In Selecting Lord Of The Flies Essay Topics

The part of essay writing that students often find the hardest is finding the right topic. This is the first step, so you’d think it would be easier, right? Well, it can take time to find one that you’re interested in writing. When you’re doing an essay on a book like the Lord of the Flies, you don’t have to worry about research. All the quotes and points you’ll be making will come from this book and no other sources. Even though it can be hard to analyze a piece of literature in this way, at least you don’t have to spend much time researching or worry about finding enough sources for your topic. All you need is the book and your notes on it from class assignments. If you didn’t take notes during your first read-through, try to make time to read it again. Even though that might seem counterproductive, it’s worth having your thoughts about each scene and symbol as it’s happening in the narrative. You can find good quotes and examples after finishing the book, but it isn’t quite the same as being in the moment of the story.

Take a little time to organize your thoughts. What part of this book grabbed your attention the most? If you can find one thing that really provoked your thoughts, (whether it was profound or simple) then you have your topic idea right there.

Topics and Questions for Lord of the Flies Essays

Here are some ideas you can use for topics. There are many different characters, plot points, symbols and themes from this story that you can pick from, so this is just a starting point. You might even be able to find full essay examples online for free that you can use for more ideas. Just make sure, if you want to use a sample, that you don’t plagiarize or copy any part of it. Use it for inspiration only.

  1. What is an allegorical novel? What are the important symbols in this book?
  2. How is Jack using the beast to exert control over the boys?
  3. The conch shell and pig’s head in their own ways held power over the boys – discuss how that happens and how the power differed
  4. Discuss the contrast between Simon and Ralph: how does their goodness differ?
  5. What might the dead parachutist symbolize?

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