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Useful Suggestions on How to Write Essays Fast

An essay is the most popular kind of an assignment you have to prepare at school. It helps to develop strong writing skills, but also improves your ability to work within the time limits. How can you write your essay fast without sacrificing quality? If you don't want to pay for essays, the useful suggestions below will show you some easy ways to become a fast writer.

Write the Draft First and Do Not Worry About the Quality

It is much faster to write everything at once without stopping and thinking about details. Do not think about grammar and spelling much. All you have to do is to put down the sentences and get the whole picture of what you have. As a perfectionist, you can spend enough time crafting every sentence, but later. This simple technique improves your speed of work. You might be surprised, but most drafts are not so bad after all.

Put Down Your Ideas and Organize Them

Every project consists of different parts. Each part has its own characteristics. Take blank cards and write your ideas using separate ones, then organize them it a right order and start typing the ideas. The most effective notes contain the chapter titles or the first sentences of each paragraph and a list of main details you want to provide. When you type all the notes, you will realize that most of your essay is ready.

Set Time Intervals and Write Nonstop

When you have to finish something before a set time, you always do it faster. Our brain can focus and do an amazing job. You should use this effect and use a Pomodoro technique. Set your timer for 25 minutes and write nonstop, then take a 5-minute break and give yourself a small reward, e.g. have a cup of coffee or watch a short video. This way your brain switches modes between focused and diffuse, and you demonstrate a better performance.

Research Your Topic First

It is recommended to do a research before you start writing. Things become slow if you stop and try to pick a quote, check a fact or find a figure. It irritates you and distracts from the main point. Do not start working on your details until you have a written draft. Plan your essay structure in advance, put the elements you want to add separately and have them all to hand. In case you need to cite a source or change a figure, it is better to reserve a blank space or leave a note in the text, so you do not forget to complete the paragraph.

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