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Original topics for a cause and effect essay

You can pick many cause and effect topics that will interest you and earn you a great grade. Consider the following example topics:

  • What are the causes of home invasions
  • What are the effects of regular exercise and diet
  • What are the causes of child criminals?
  • What are the effects of illegal immigration?
  • What are the causes of global warming?
  • What are the effects of global warming?
  • What are the effects of smoking pot?
  • What are the effects of negative reinforcement?
  • What are the causes of obesity in children?

When you are writing a cause and effect essay it is important to remember these points:

  1. You need to state your organization clearly for the audience in the introductory paragraph. You want to state your organization (or the manner in which your paper is going to be organized) because it tells the audience what they will learn. The introduction tells the readers what they will learn. The body tells them the actual thing(s) and the conclusion tells them again what it was you told them.
  2. You should make sure to list all of the causes or all of the effects during your brainstorming session.
  3. **Note: not all of these need be included in your essay but they should be included during your brainstorming session. Before you start writing your paper you want to list as many causes and/or effects as you can think of. List all of them and then whittle down the list to those which are best suited for your paper.

  4. Out of the causes and effects that you brainstorm, you should provide supporting details to those which you include in your essay. Make sure to start the points clearly at the start of your paragraphs and then offer supporting evidence in the remainder of the paragraph so that the reader is better able to understand why your argument is true.
  5. It is important to have a rationale for the order in which your information is presented. You should experiment a bit with your drafts and try different orders for your content until you find one that best presents the information.
  6. Finally, make sure that you maintain focus throughout your paper. Do not stray from your points, especially if your word count is limited. Make it easy for the readers to understand your point of view.

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