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How To Come Up With Good Essay Topics In Biology

Okay, so you have been tasked with writing an essay for biology. You maybe have a sample essay already and are therefore not unduly concerned about the actual structure. You know that once you get into your groove you will positively fly with it. The problem that you have right now is coming up with a rock solid topic as you are determined to wipe the floor with the competition. Don’t worry, you are not alone in struggling to settle on a topic. Follow my simple guide and you should breeze through the process:

  • Go against the grain
  • It should be easy enough to find out what everyone else is planning on doing. The cafeteria is bound to be full of chatter. Once you have a clear idea as to the popular subjects, you can start making your plans. If you do decide to go with a mainstream topic, try and at least come up with a slightly different slant. It doesn’t have to be vastly different. Just different enough to be interesting.

  • Go with what you love
  • There is no point choosing a subject that you have zero interest in just because you think it will get you extra brownie points with the professor. If you choose a subject that bores you that will quickly become apparent in your essay, and you will end up suffering in terms of your grade. If you are passionate about your topic, then that too will shine through, and the professor is more likely to be willing to overlook minor flaws.

  • Ask for advice
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There are several people that you can turn to for help in choosing a topic. There is your professor, not to mention a whole bunch of family and friends. Talking things over can help bring some clarity to the situation.

  • Research a few topics
  • If you are torn between two or three different topics, then do some basic research on them all. This doesn’t have to take very long, but a few hours spent on each should give you a clearer idea as to the direction you wish to take. Far from being wasted time, this is actually time well spent as you are more likely to get the grade that you deserve rather than if you had just plumped for the first topic that came into your head.

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