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Where to Search for Expository Essay Topics for College

If we talk in layman’s terms, an expository essay is one that explains certain facts, or informs us of things. An expository essay will most likely ask you to elaborate on or corroborate a particular statement, or a thesis, which need not be an opinion. A college student will be required to write hundreds, maybe thousands of essays in his or her academic career. In fact, expository essays are one of the most common and widely read essays around, and are thus easier to tackle than many other types of essays that exist. Thus, here are some tips as to where to search for expository essay topics for college:


  • One of the best ways to look for topics is research. Your essay is a part of a broader spectrum of subjects that has various aspects to it.
  • Read studies that have been conducted in your field of interest, look up papers and books on the internet, make a list of the topics that have been exhausted and those that have yet to be explored.
  • This way not only will you have more than enough matter to go on, but you will also be able to write a well informed and accurate essay, and not one based on half-truths.

Best types of expository essays

  • Since expository essays are those that seek to inform or explain, one of the best places to find them are websites that post ‘How-to’ articles.
  • The idea might seem absurd and even mocking, but the truth remains that ‘How-to- articles require a lot of concentration and meticulousness to write. Thus, the first place you should start from is websites that post them regularly.

Essay Sample Websites

  • Another very interesting and readily available source to find expository essays is websites that post copies of essays.
  • These will often have tutorials on writing different kinds of essays and samples for each. The samples can be written by the authors on the website or a collection of some of the best essays written by students.

University or School Websites

  • These might not have direct links to examples of expository essays, but they do often have certain educational websites that are affiliated to their main website.
  • Educational blogs managed by university administrations will provide you free or paid samples of essays written by academic students, thus giving you an idea of the level of writing as well as the topic. 

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