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How to write an essay for your English class: grammar and style

Writing an essay for your English class requires different grammar and style based on the type of paper you are required to write.

For example: a scientific paper will require different language than a history paper or a literature review. It will also require a different format and style.

Each type of writing has a different style to it. A poetry review will be decidedly different than a business analysis.

A narrative essay for example will be told from one particular point of view. It will make a particular point and support it with precise detail. It will use modifiers and vivid verbs. It will also incorporate dialogue and use sequence and conflict from a story.

A comparison essay will present comparisons--as the name would suggest--between two things such as two events or two novels by the same author. It will compare and contrast events or books or literary devices with ample quotes and other sources of evidence.

A research paper will offer precise language and very scientific jargon to present mathematical or scientific findings. It will use academic tones and styles that are direct. Any quotes will be from experts and peer reviewed sources. The presentation will be orderly and logical and present findings or discoveries.

A personal essay will focus on a personal event or characteristic or event in one’s past. It will use first person unlike many other pieces of academic writing and will be freer in terms of its structure and flow. There will be more story telling than logical presentation of evidence or findings.

A definition essay will try and explain the meaning of a term and will therefore need to present the definition by function or by structure or even by analysis. If you write a definition paper that presents a term by function it will need to explain how something works. If you are presenting a definition based on structure you will need to write about how something is organized. If you are presenting a term based on analysis you need to compare a particular term to another in its class and then illustrate what makes it different.

A deductive essay will use deductive reasoning in the text in order to weigh individual factors against existing knowledge and come to a new conclusion. It will offer premises and evidence.

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