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If you are trying to write a persuasive essay you might consider health topics. There are many a health topic out there so finding one on which to persuade a reader. It is good though to pick something with which you have experience. Think about the people in your family or those you know through a friend. Think about what health concerns they are facing and how that might lend itself to a persuasive topic. Would you be able to interview that person as a source for the persuasive essay? Think about a topic that runs in your family history. Find resources that are you familiar with first and go from there.

  • Topic 1: Melanoma
  • In 2010, the National Cancer Institute said that there were over 68,000 new cases of melanoma in America alone and that 8,700 people died from this disease. That figure takes your breath away especially when you consider how many nations historically worshipped the sun, or how many people flood the beaches every year to bask in the sun. Most people in America are so wrapped up in their vanity that they cannot wait to crawl into a tanning bed. But is this vanity killing us? If so, should the government step in and do something?

  • Topic 2: Osteoporosis
  • Are you aware that the body’s natural bone mass peaks at 30? After you turn thirty, bone resroption starts to exceed the formation of new bones. That means that people who do not adequately work to keep their bones healthy will develop this disease. If you have ever seen the old people walking around who are almost bent double, you know what this disease can lead to. It makes the bones porous and causes them to break. Bone loss also becomes faster during the first few years a woman goes through menopause. Is there something that should be done to help this? Should money be dedicated to ad campaigns about it? Should it be a requirement among schools to teach about proper bone care?

  • Topic 3: Autism
  • Chances are you have heard about autism or met someone affected by it. If you do not personally have an autistic child you might be a bit confused by the disease. Many schools lack current funding to help those with autism. Parents are not offered training or how-to classes to help them cultivate a learning environment appropriate for their child. Schools cannot provide teachers to help. What should be done? Is it the job of the schools to provide for autistic children or the parents? For research, you could use the Autism Society or the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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